Saturday, 30 August 2008

O Nilo

De Assuão até Edfu, Egipto
As I really don't like mass tourism, I've chosen Abdul's felucca to go down the river, from Assuan to Edfu, instead of the crowded big boats, where you will never have the closer contact I had with the life on the Nile. It was a fantastic four days journey experience.


perlanegra said...

What an amazing life you live!!! You are one of the few photographer that I have seen that shows true scale. WOWW!!

Sherry said...

Incredible photos. I love your blog, thank you for sharing...means so much to me to see these places and photos.

JM said...

Perla negra, I'm not a photographer, I just like taking pictures... :-) But thank you so much for your compliment!

Sherry, it's my pleasure to share pictures of the places I like! I'm so glad you really enjoy them! Thank you very much for the nice comments!