Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Capital da região Emilia- Romana, no norte de Itália.--------------------------------------------------------------------
The capital of Emilia-Romagna, a region in northern Italy.

A parte antiga da cidade de Bolonha tem cerca de 40kms de arcadas, devido ao intenso calor que se faz se sentir no verão.
Due to extreme heat in summer, downtown Bologna has around 40kms of arcades.


Manuel Morata said...

Te falta Madrid, cuando te animas??

Si necesitas guía, ya sabes donde encontrarme ...

april said...

It's unbelievable, such coincidences. You commented in my Cologne blog ... I looked at your 'daily's' .. I saw the link to your travel blog - and what do I see first?? Bologna. and that's where we are planning to go in September. Wonderful photos, great. I see I will like that town.
(And I linked my other blog, Rhineland)

april said...

So I'm here for the second time. But now I have seen Bologna with my own eyes and I could recognize all the places. I have some more in my Ipernity album ... (see link).