Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Stone Town, Unguja Island
Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania


Cezar and Léia said...

I like this kind of "in-motion" pictures, you did a fantastic job!
God bless you!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Lets face it, those kids are having LOTS of fun!! :) Brings back memories of my childhood too.

Serline said...

It is interesting to note that we often witness such high risk recreational activity in places of relative poverty...

Jacob said...

I love this; a spectacular photograph. I like to dive, but I'm not sure I'd be up to diving from that site!

Barb said...

Reminds me of my friends and I when we were teenagers....Barb

George said...


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Elettra said...

Ciao JM, these people are really good at diving

Pooch Morning Glory said...

cool shot jm. i like the ones at the top waiting their turn
~laura said...

Perfect timing for a classic image.

We really regretted that when we went on a tour of Tanzania we did not add on some time to go out to Zanzibar at the end, but we had to get back to work.

I was interested in your comment about our photo of Ngongoro Crater on our Viva la Voyage website today. We had clouds there every day. The drifted around the crater, revealing parts of the crater. It was like looking through a window from the lodge above. It was a magical atmosphere. We were there in February, and everything was very green.

Julie said...

cool photo of everyday life with active boys

Umesh Pherwani said...

nice timing and observation.