Sunday, 4 January 2009

Durbar Square

Patan, Kathmandu valley, Nepal.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What ancient and beautiful buildings Jose. Another place I have not been to so thanks for sharing.

uncleawang said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful or city of Beauty.I love the picture.

Kengot said...

Wow, those are like the world of movies or 3D video games or anything.
I don't believe that is real current world.

Red devil said...

Saludos tiempo sin pasar por tu blog.

Impresionante la arquitetura asiatica y los detalles que presentan cada edificacion en verdad maravillosos.


Carla said...

Hi there. Great pics, makes me want to pack my bags and leave cold Paris. Carla

MysLykeMeeh said...


I'm impressed, really!

Leena said...

Happy New Year to you both many interesting journeys more and thousands of fine photos to look at !

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JM:)

Amazing photos depicting exquisite carvings, mind boggling architecture, intricate designs, lovely layout and an easy,relaxed atmosphere.

I saw a lady carrying a child piggyback. Did you say hello to the child ?

I also saw a bell. Did you try to ring it ?

The photo of Hanuman reminded me of pranks I used to play when I was young. What I'm going to say might be a blasphemy for the Hindus.

My friends and I played football in the evenings and used to get very hungry by the end. One boy told us that in the nearby temple there is a statue of Hanuman and they keep lot of butter on its neck for the devotees. We were so hungry that we wanted to eat all that butter ourselves. So went to the temple, walked around the hanuman with folded hands like the devotees, swiped off all the butter from the neck of the statue, ran out of the temple and ate all the butter. There was nothing left for the real devotees.

We did this for several days and the pujaris (priests) became suspicious. One day as is our practice we swiped all the butter, dashed out of the temple and greedily swallowed the butter. The butter was mixed with plenty of salt and we were choking. We spat it out and had to gargle our mouths several times in a public tap to get rid of the salty taste in our mouth. That was the last time we went to the temple.

Hindu friends, please forgive me. I did this in my younger days. I won't do it now.

Many thanks for sharing:)

Have a good day :)

Tinsie said...

The square looks AMAZING!! Had to smile at Joseph's story too :-)