Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Lodging (VII)

'Turtle Inn', southern BelizeThe bungallowThe view from the balconySome guests!
On the last day we realized they have been not only guests but also roomates, as we saw them getting into the roof and walk on the bungallow ceiling...
The sandy terrain seems to suit the cashew trees well.


Jackie said...

I had a similar roommate when I stayed in a lodge in the Namib Desert. He was beautiful.

Gorgeous pictures, as always!

Sherry said...

Those are cashew trees?
I love the frangipani, beautiful flowers...

Are those wooden carved pieces of wood?
JM your photos are always a treat.

About the root on my blog page, I think it is a Douglas Fir, and there is one right across from it, one came up, and uprooted the other, so two immense root structures within 4 feet of one another.

On the car, panel, yeah, It's a familiar thing we never seem to pay much attention to in a way.
Thanks for coming by..

Tinsie said...

WOW. Amazing photos!

Joy said...

There's something very exotic about the first photo. I like it!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
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I, Woman

Jules said...

This looks like PNG JM - are you sure you didn't sneak in without calling to see me???

Great shots!!!

Anonymous said...

So colorful - I love it!!!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Belize!!! One of the most Exotic countries I know! Love all of the photos! Each and everyone of them tell their own differebt story! My favorite was the view from the Balcony! Gorgeous!

Mabuhay and God BLess!

Your Filipino Friend,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JM!

Coconut palms, cashew trees, thatched huts, blue waters are very familiar sights for me living in Kerala --- GODS OWN COUNTRY.

The only thing missing in your photos is the country house boats. I wonder if there are backwaters and a natural harbour there.

Thanks for the lovely photos!

tapirgal said...

It's interesting to see lodging on your site. It can be as fascinating and telling as any of the sights. This beach front does look familiar :)